I know a lot of my awesome friends and fans want to chat with me a little more often and a little more personally...well, for those who don't know I'm on the phone App "Dreamlover" where we can do just that! Text me in real-time, anytime straight to my phone, even call me (for reals) or send me personal MMS. :) 



I also get asked a lot about folks being able to see more of my daily NSFW (18+) photos, videos & updates, and i've finally found a fun, easy way for fans to see my nudity without us getting in trouble with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat who don't allow adult content; another new fancy app called "Only Fans"! Dirty daily snaps and photos you won't see anywhere else!



Those are my only official profiles besides

Twitter: Romi_Rain

Instagram: RomiRain

Snapchat: TheRomiRain


Hope to be seeing and chatting with everyone soon!